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How To Gain Fans & Become A Great Rapper In 2017

Believe In Yourself

The Greatest Muhammad Ali once stated "It is the lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting new challenges, and I believed in myself".

I know you've heard the concept of believe in yourself many times before. But, as cliche of a concept this may sound; I would like to go more in-depth on this phrase.

So, first let's establish that belief without action equates to perceived failure. For every action there is a reaction. Success determined by how much effort you place in the goal you believe in.

Now, let's apply this same concept to your ultimate belief of becoming a successful music artist. To obtain this, you would have to; invest in yourself, learn how to rap, learn how to make songs, learn how to pick dope beats for sale, & learn how to market your songs.

Most of the above concepts can be substituted with some one that is already successful in the action you want to obtain. For instance, study someone who raps great, study or link…

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